Demo Logyard Digital Twin

Logyards as storage areas for different kinds of raw materials (depending on the industry, logs in various assortments, wood chips, sawdust, cuttings, slabs or even bark are stored here) play a crucial role in the forest-based industry. Ensuring a continuous supply of raw material to the subsequent processes requires the storing of high amounts of biodegradable materials. Managing these considerable amounts of raw material and transporting them over quite long distances creates substantial logistical effort and cost.


This demo model shows the possibilities of analyzing the processes at the logyard with the help of a digital twin and increasing efficiency and reducing costs through targeted measures. The animation of the model shows a simple schematic representation of the logyard with the two consumers (black) and the storage bins (dark brown for logs, light brown for chips, reddish brown for bark) with the respective current filling levels. In-plant transport movements are made by wheel loaders. Raw material is delivered by truck and rail. All means of transport can also be observed in the animation.

Parametrization and Analysis

With the digital twin, various parameters, scenarios and strategies can now be viewed dynamically and their effects on efficiency and performance indicators can be easily analyzed. For example, the influence of the number of wheel loaders, the amount of raw material used in production or the amount of delivered raw material on key figures such as production output, warehouse and transport capacity utilization, truck throughput times or transport costs can be tested. Utilizations can not only be calculated as an average value, but can also be displayed depending on the time of day, so that peak times can be recognized and included in the results.

Advantages of the Use of Digital Twins for Logyard Management

  • Analyze capacities dynamically
  • Develop optimizations
  • Prepare decisions
  • Secure investments
  • Minimize empty runs
  • Identify and manage intra-plant traffic volumes
  • Evaluate storage and transport strategies

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